Steve Erwin Video

Ask for nothing to appear.

There is less than something here.

Not a clue - you won’t find any,

Nor a shiny, lucky penny.

On a road where no road meets,

I will sleep.

Over town on church’s steeple,

Looking down on all the people.

Close my eyes on happy homes.

All applause is clicking bones.

No one pray my soul to keep,

I will sleep.

One last look around

For a red-cheeked girl in wedding gown,

As church bells toll for dreams that drown,

Under a rock in Mary’s town.

Here in rest and waters deep,

I will sleep.

On a road where no road meets,

I will sleep.                                                                                                                                                      


I Will Sleep

From a June 2010 concert at the Eastport Arts Center- Eastport, Maine