Steve Erwin Video

55th Birthday Concert at the Catbird Gallery and Eastport School of Arts -

Eastport, Maine

Dear Daily Signal, I’m writing you today,

To tell Bob Greene this story of why I’m so dismayed.

Oh Jesus, I’m so ugly and I got nobody to love,

So I’m taking so people with me- up to heaven above.

I feel I’m just molded to murder,

Molded to murder,

Molded to murder and I can’t go home.

Once I had a kitty, I kept her in my flat.

She never saw the sunlight, she never became a cat.

All my life it’s been this way, the suffering and the pain.

Please somebody love me or I will go insane.

I feel I’m just molded to murder...

Bob Greene sits in his hotel room just waiting for you to call.

He says he doesn’t want you to kill or hurt nobody at all.

But if you don’t start killing, watch his ratings fall.

Bob Greene on unemployment with no job at all.

And he’ll be molded to murder......

The people of Chicago, they thought I was real keen.

Promised me a million dollars- if I would kill Bob Greene!

And now I’m just molded to murder....                                           

Molded to Murder 

music and lyrics by Steve Erwin, Bob Berlein and Ed Sunden